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You are what you read

This website, You are what you read,  is new to me.  It is one of Scholastic’s babies. Check it out.  You can see the books that famous people loved when they were kids.  This is a good fun site and there are lots of ‘bits’ to it.  Fun to have a little poke around.


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Setting a good example

Turn your sound up and listen to the sound of happiness when you press play!

I love anything that shows men reading and setting good examples of reading to their kids.  This really tickled my fancy.

The Finnish Library Association celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2010. On the occasion of the anniversary The Finnish Library Association wants to promote the important role of the libraries in transmitting cultural upbringing to the next generations.

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21st Century Libraries – ideas you can use

This slideshare is just so fantastic, anybody working in secondary schools particularly will enjoy taking a peek at the worksheets for various subjects.  I found it here on Judy O’Connell’s blog, Hey Jude – Judy is set to be a presenter at the SLANZA conference in Auckland this year, yet another great reason to try and get there.  It was made by Pip Cleaves who works at Sydney Girls High School check out her workshops here.

It is really exciting when you find new and cool exciting discoveries lurking out there in school library land and Pip Cleaves is new to me.  Her old website is here, it hasn’t been there for a while now but there is good stuff to be found there.

There is plenty of processing to be done with these links.  I’d love some comments on them if you were keen. (will have to set up a comments widget so that you can though won’t I?)


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Musical Books – a bit of fun

This is just totally bizarre, but cute too!  This is proof that this Japanese guy has far too much time on his hands, or that he is obsessed with making music from things that aren’t musical instruments.

Came to me from the Random House FB page.

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Google image sorting

Google has a new feature for sorting images while searching for specific images.  Watch the video below and you will get the picture.

Came to me via Core Education’s Facebook Page

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Something new – from something old

For a long long time Miriam and I have been sending each other links.  This is a place to share them with others who might also find them useful.  Let’s see how it evolves.

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