Your stats are showing!

via David Lee King’s blog

Their Summer Reading programme sign-up stats screen appears on all the public computers at TSCPL, updated each week with the latest figures. Now, setting aside the fact that we’re in the grips of the mildest winter ever, I reckon this could be adapted to show all sorts of interesting stats for your school library. Imagine it showing the number of books issued by genre (my current obsession – more on that in a future post), or maybe a Boy Vs Girl battle…

  1. Grab yourself a cool background – find one or make one yourself
  2. Add your title and any decorative bits and pieces you want (got stickers?)
  3. Add the stats boxes – the actual size doesn’t matter as long as you have your ratios about right, I reckon
  4. Share it! If you’ve got a display screen, bung it on there. If you have OPAC machines, make it the screen-saver.
    You could even – shock, horror! – make a paper version for the display wall outside your library!
Here’s my 5 minute test version made using a Google docs Drawing – why don’t you give it a try?
  1. #1 by Bookbrainz on June 20, 2011 - 3:45 AM

    Just what I needed as I am checking up on figures now because last year the boys were way behind – a sign might just help along with teacher comments.

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