The difference 1 minute makes!

This graphic really is amazing.  This is what happens in the eWorld every minute.  98,000 tweets, 6,600 new photos uploaded to Flickr, 600+ new videos, 168 million emails.  I wonder how different this picture is from last year!  I guess we can all guess how different this was 5 years ago.

Given that I am the co-owner of one blog (this one) and the sole owner of 3 other ones I find the stat of 60+ new blogs started every minute and 1,500+ blog posts ever minute one of the most interesting stats on here.  Tonight I plan to post to this one and my personal one, so I am definitely contributing to these stats.  I guess also if there are that many people like me posting to and starting blogs someone else out there must be reading them.  I’d love to hear about peoples favourite blogs.  Who do you follow and why do you follow them?

Image is from:  here



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