SLA Standards for Primary and Secondary School Libraries

If you work in a secondary school or a college you might be interested to have a look at the set of standards released by the School Library Association in the U.K.  You can download the document from this page here.

It is an impressive document with a lot to process, but beautifully set out and I think good to have a browse through to see how your library measures up to the standards.  Certainly I’ve found plenty of work to be getting along with, but also a handy document to help with advocating for your budget, staffing and library needs.

There was a set of standards for Primary schools released in 2009 and they are available for download from here.

In 2009 the SLA published the Primary School Library Charter, a similar road map for schools in the primary sector wanting to establish or improve their library provision. (from the site)

It is worthwhile to remember that the SLA is HUGE compared to the similar association in New Zealand, with paid staff who work full time for the association.  In a small country like NZ with only volunteer workers working for the association it is a much more daunting task undertaking projects and documents such as these.

My point here is that we should be looking outwards as well as inwards, and using documents which work for us regardless of their origin.  The SLA have done such a great job on these documents and there are things we can gleen from them for ourselves.  It is great that they have made them available to the world to access.  So thanks SLA, you give us so much to look up to and to work towards.


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