The essential elements of digital literacies – a talk by Doug Belshaw

The idea that you can hear a library luminary present without even being in the same country as the conference he is presenting at, and without having to come up with an airfare, accommodation costs and the registration fee is awesome.  Doug Belshaw is someone I follow on Twitter and who always has excellent commentary on library, literacy, media and other other matters.

This is 39 minutes well spent in front of your computer.  You can look at the thumbnails of the slides he uses and see him talking. 

A presentation by Doug Belshaw to the Association of Independent Schools (New South Wales) ICT Managers Conference using Zipcast from Slideshare.

This talk comes from here  via Stephen Downes here

Sorry WordPress doesn’t like the embed code so go to the link below

Favourite moments for me:

  • Just because I don’t understand this new stuff young people are using doesn’t mean that it is not important.
  • You are really important as a librarian.  Because you set the boundaries on peoples literacies.
  • What do digital literacies depend on?
  • Which digital literacies should the average 14 year old be familiar with?

He mentions: Futurelabs, Tabetha Newman, Clay Shirkey, Stephen Downes and more which you can find yourselves.

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