Advocacy – they’ll miss you if you go

This list of 100 things that students miss when their libraries are closed was posted to the OZTL_NET listserv a couple of weeks ago, no chance to share till now.  It would be useful for anybody doing some advocacy for their school library.  This is the website for the Vision Tour of School Libraries which is promoting outstanding school libraries and this website is Dr Nancy Everhart’s homage to this journey, she is the current President of the American Association of School Libraries.  The tour comprises 35 school libraries which were nominated by their states.  Cool idea, but the reason they have to do it is not cool, they are seriously under threat and closures are happening all over in the USA.

At a recent network meeting we heard of a Primary school in Dunedin who will be losing their library because of the growth of their school, this after spending a long time building up the usage and making a great space for their staff and students.  It is great that the school is growing but really sad that the library is the thing that has to go to make way for that growth.  The main thing that depressed me hearing of this was that the school values teaching and learning but doesn’t see that the library is intrinsically part of that and can just be packed up into a cupboard.  I understand the issues but that doesn’t mean that the students should miss out on having a library.

The list  is taken fromStandards for the 21st Century Learner by the American Association of School Librarians, suggestions from members of the American Association of School Librarians, and students in the school libraries of the United States.”

The link is here

Check out the Theme Song section.  It is really cute.  Has downloadable music and lyrics!

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