A view of the mobile future for libraries

More on mobile and smart phone engagement in libraries from the recent M-libraries conference.  This is a really great prezi to watch if you hadn’t realised exactly how much engagement there is with mobile and smart phone technology in libraries and schools across the various library sectors.  M-libraries conference is Australian and focused on mobile learning so you would expect this to be a focus but the sheer number of institutions buying into mobile technologies is enough to make you think hard.  Compelling evidence to get with the programme.  The presenter is Alex Miller.

You can expect another posting on QR codes this week.  They came up a lot at conference and I think they are a simple thing you can do to engage with your smart phone toting students.

My favourite quotes from the presentation are:

  • @sallyheroes LOL RT @katecbyrne: Librarians talking about technologies they haven’t tried are like 14 YO talking about sex. #mlib11
  •  Learners are mobile, content is moble, work is mobile, why isn’t education more mobile
  • Mobile is the fastest growing industry on the planet. Why aren’t we using it more for education?  By the end of 2013 there will be a mobile subscription for every person!

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