Are you ready? Advocacy rev up from Library Girl

A flurry of postings, just shows you what you can do when you are putting off writing up your revalidation journal.

This post from Library Girl has really made me think, as she almost always does (please read the comments as well).  How well do you market yourself?  If you went to Donna Watt’s presentation at the SLANZA conference then this post will also tie in some of the things Donna talked about  strategic planning and branding and marketing yourself.  You’ll get the link to the google doc of that conference session on this blog soon.

We really need to get out there and show our teachers how good we are and what we can do for them and for their students.  I for one am going to get this poster printed out and laminated and put it up in the library, but more than that I am going to put it in our staff’s pigeonholes.  I want them to see it and talk about it and understand more fully exactly how useful I am in the school.  I’m not just ‘the book and computer lady’ I can do all kinds of things for all kinds of people and particularly for every single curriculum area.

Also it is worth remembering what Joyce Valenza (Oh Great One as I refer to her) You can’t do business in a pumpkin sweater.  Get your professionalism polished up and get out there and sell yourself.

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  1. #1 by Bookbrainz on July 27, 2011 - 10:48 PM

    I couldn’t attend Donna’s presentation so am looking forward to the notes – lucky enough to have another school librarian who did attend to talk to during the holidays so we mulled it over. Some of what I do to get noticed is not always ‘library work’ – I question staff closely about what is happening in the curriculum and what is about to happen. I ask to go to meetings and training and planning sessions where I wouldn’t have normally been included and I poke my nose into other things to see what the children are involved in. I also suggest things the school could be involved with whether it is fundraising opportunities, bookie things or ukulele classes. I am quite firm [now] about what the library should be used for and what the standards of behaviour should be and to a certain extent create boundaries so I am not put upon. I am pleased to notice that gradually staff are coming to me for ‘information’ purposes – but still feel there is a firm line between their role and mine. I have rarely been asked for suitable websites which could be used in the classroom which I would see as one of our roles as digital material is used more and more. Basically if I ask staff to be involved in future planning for my role and the function of the library I would get pretty much blank looks and reassurance that I was doing a good job. Seems like it might be time to request to make a presentation to all staff!!!!! Zounds!

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