#SLANZA11 – Twitter stream

#slanza11 tweetstream

One thing I have managed to do in the last week, while recovering from post-conference “exploding brain” syndrome (thanks Greig Daniels!) is to trawl through the conference twitter stream and put together an archive of sorts, of the sometimes amusing and mostly pretty useful and fairly linky tweets from this awesome event.

All in all, about 30 people were tweeting from or about the event – myself and Bridget and Julia (welcome to the blog, Julia!) among them.

If you were at conference, I hope this archive will help you remember and find some of the great stuff that was shared by various presenters and speakers.

If you couldn’t be there, reading through the twitter stream should give you an idea of what went on, and point you in the direction of some fantastic readings, resources, and connections.

There are also a couple of shared Google documents you can read:


  1. #1 by juliavegan on July 31, 2011 - 7:35 AM

    Thanks for the welcome Miriam. The Google docs are great – thanks for sharing

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