Which Winnie the Pooh Character Defines How You Participate in Social Media?

Brian Rice, while stuck in a traffic-jamb (!) came up with this brilliant post on defining social media personalities based on Winnie the Pooh characters:

Winnie the Pooh – the friendly honey-loving main character is the epitome of everyday social media practitioners who strive for making real connections and enjoying their very own pot of honey (or in this case a pot of authentic and respectful communication).

Piglet – one of Winnie the Pooh’s best friends.  Piglet is a small and quite timid, but with Winnie the Pooh by his side, he can overcome his fears.  If you find yourself sitting on the sidelines of social media because you are overwhelmed with the idea putting yourself out there, follow in Piglet’s footsteps and find a partner to help support you.   

Sugar Art - Flickr image from weennee

Eeyore – is Winnie the Pooh’s donkey friend that always seems to be followed by a cloud of gloom.  He never fully enjoys himself as he spends the majority of his time focused on the negative.  If you find yourself thinking that social media is going to cause the collapse of mankind or spend time trolling around and posting negative comments than you may have several things in common with Eeyore.

Rabbit – believes that he is the cleverest animal in the Hundred Acre Woods and fits the profile perfectly of those that claim to be “social media experts” without proof of results or experience.

Tigger – is Winnie the Pooh’s bouncy, exuberant and troublemaking tiger friend.  While he means well, Tigger lacks focus and control.   If Tigger was on Twitter, he would tweet before thinking; share everything going on in his life and “bounce” from social network to social network without providing any real value.

Owl – acts as a teacher and is the cleverest animal in the woods.  Owl is the equivalent of the true social media thought leaders who have built their reputation on experience and results.

Source: Brian Rice, Business 2 Community

So, when it comes to social media which Winnie the Pooh character are you?


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