Twitter? Why Twitter?

Twitter is one of those things that is something you need to ‘get’, I find non tweeters don’t ‘get’ why tweeters tweet.  Does that make sense?  Anyway, if you are one of the people who really can’t see that  140 characters is enough to say anything interesting,  then maybe you need to take a look at the Glogster here sadly it won’t embed in this page.

Tonight I came across this interesting post by Tom Barrett called 10 Steps To Kick Start Your Twitter, and I thought it might be useful to anybody who ‘get’ Twitter and Tweeters.  It explains rather nicely how it all works, what the terminology is and why people do this thing.   I know that after the conference lots of familiar names turned up as followers but I haven’t seen Tweets from them yet.

If you scoot on down to the end of the article to the comments area you will find the tweets that others have made about this article.

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