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Should You Use Twitter?

Dan Martell from Flowtown created this fabulous and funny-as flow diagram to help you decide whether you should be using Twitter or not

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Hell yeah, it’s old (but good :-)

This post contains not only a link to a meme, but a link to a meme-checker! Two cool things for the price of one, now that’s a bonus.

OK, so according to Is it old this meme is really old, and I should definitely not be posting it.

But since I only saw it last week, I guess maybe I’m not the only one it’s new-ish for. And it is the silly season after all. So without further ado, I give you:

The Ryan Gosling, Library lover “Hey girl” meme. Go ahead, click the pic.

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The Edublog Awards

If you were looking for new and exciting or old and trusty or deeply wonderful and educationally fulfilling blogs to hook up with, then the Edublog Awards time of year is made for you.  This has always been the time of year I find out that my love of certain bloggers is shared by lots of others, and that the sparky blogs you found by accident and happy chances of happenstance are also sparking thought and action for other people too.

Over on the Awards blog they have helpfully made a table with all the blogs nominated on it for your viewing pleasure.  Head on over to here and find yourself some new PLN people.  (View it as a webpage here)

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Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd

A witty parody picture book for our gadget-crazy world. Not that I could do without my gadgets . . .

Best follow-up comment – “Now Available in Ebook. Ironic much?”

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What were New Zealand’s writers reading this year?

The Listener lists always interest me and I often find new treasures to add to my Want List on there.  If you are interested in finding out what lots of our literary luminaries were reading this year, head on over to The Listener pages here.  I’m always a bit pleased when some of the books I read during the year show up on these lists.  This is also a good way of finding out about local books which you may not have heard much hype about.


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Nigella Lawson’s Cookbooks

Cookbook-collecting fans everywhere are going to love this post by Nigella Lawson on her own website:

“We moved just before Christmas and although I tried to keep my cookbook collection under control, some of the categories did get a bit muddled in transit.  On top of that, I have accumulated a number (an embarrassingly extravagant number) of new books that have been piling up messily, not to say dangerously, all over the place.  So I decided to take stock, and this week has been Operation Organise.  I managed to avoid most of the heavy lifting but am dazed anyway from a brain-draining amount of time cataloguing like crazy onto an Excel document.  As the titles mounted up I veered between pride and shame.  It is certainly some collection: at close of play today, the total (for now) stands at 3886 titles!”

Source: Nigella Lawson’s website


Kirkus names the best teen books of 2011

I love this time of year when you get to see what people have loved reading, make your wish lists for next year and have a browse at what will be in the bookshops here next year.  I like to wind my students up a bit with promises of the good things coming and Kirkus Reviews are always a good place to browse.  They have released their list of top books for 2011 and you can find them here, below is an image showing the lovely covers from part of the list.  I am calling myself Very Excited.

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