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Wise words to take into 2012

It is great when you read something early in the year which you can carry with you in your toolbox of  ‘useful stuff’ as you begin the year.  As you begin the process of indoctrinating your new students to the ways of a new library, helping them to see the value of the library, the services you offer to the school and the students, and getting new staff up to speed with what you do.  Judy O’Connell has posted on Hey Jude a wise and thoughtful writing which made me feel inspired and enthusiastic for the coming year.  I heartily recommend to all school library staff that you head over and have a read.  It is called The Time For Libraries Is Now.  The slideshare is fantastic!

There is a video embedded in the post, which I can’t get to  embed here which is a Core Video in which Lisa Oldham from the National Library Services To Schools, whom many of us have met and it is a great promotional video of the sorts of things that many school libraries in New Zealand are offering, could be offering, best get on and offer!



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The Joy of Books

This lovely video has gone viral and therefore I think it only appropriate that it goes on here.  I’ve shown so many people now and I’m still seeing new things every time I view it.  Enjoy!

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School library reporting

Welcome back to school after a lovely sunny holiday (if you live in the South of NZ) or a rather soggy holiday (if you live in the North) anyway for me a holiday is a holiday is a holiday and even if the weather is disappointing, at least some books will get read, some jobs will get done, people who are important to you will have been greeted and smooched and you will have some new shoes in your wardrobe (or is that just me?).  So it is back to the seriously fun business of library, here is my (Bridget’s) first posting of the year.

This one actually comes from the end of last year on the Australian Listserv.  My friend Lisa Salter presented at the SLANZA Conference 2011 on reporting to your board and principal, and Ann Wheeler has made an Issuu with a heap of helpful ideas and links including a link to Lisa’s presentation.  If you are looking for an innovative way to present your stats and library info then this Issuu is really worth a good peruse.

You can find a link and yet more good stuff on this page at Linking for Learning.

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