Small Demons

Have you ever found yourself wondering, as you read, about the people, places, songs, food and so on, mentioned in a book? And maybe thought to yourself “I must find out more about Charles Lindbergh, or Seagrams 7, or …”?

Well here’s the website to help you do just that. Small Demons invites you to “Experience books a new way by viewing all the people, places and things inside them. Choose any person, place or thing and discover everywhere it leads.”

Say, for instance, you’re a fan of James Patterson’s Alex Cross books. As you’re reading your way through Along came a spider, you can look up snippets of info as you go along. Not familiar with Brooks Brothers? Look it up. Trying to remember who starred in An Officer and a Gentleman? You can check that too.

When you read aloud to kids, you often find yourself doing just this sort of thing, having these little conversations aside about all sorts of things. I love the idea of finding something like this for kids – or making it with them! – using  a book you’ve shared and enjoyed. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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