In my RSS reader today

Every day I read lots of blog items pulled from all over – library stuff, crafty stuff, school related blogs, miscellaneous weirdness and bits of usefulness. Thanks to Google Reader’s “J” and “K” keys and the space bar, I whip through a couple of hundred posts most days, because – shock, horror – I don’t actually read them all. Don’t tell anyone. I skim the post title and the beginning of each item to see whether it warrants a close read or further investigation. If it does, then I pop it up in another tab and get back to it later. If it doesn’t, I use space bar (page down) to have a skim read, or if I’m really not interested, I just hit “J” to move to the next post.

Here are the things that caught my eye today which could be of interest to school library people.

  • Because it helps to remind yourself sometimes not to worry about whether some reading is “worthier” than other reading:
  • Because I still have my eyes open for free iPad/iPod eBooks for the school where I used to work:
  • Because I’m reading this series at the moment – loved the first one! And I know the boys at school will be interested in this movie, even though it’s release date is a long way off yet. They have a tumblr blog for it, too:

an RSS feed I saved from a Google news search for
~child book “into a movie”



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