Best of the best YA fiction

From NPR’s Best-Ever Teen Fiction poll where the incredibly huge number of  75,220 people voted for their favorite young adult novels.  The list of finalists to choose from is here.  That list is very probably the best buying list for a high school ever – discounting Australian and New Zealand books – yes I did see Marcus Zusak there, but you can’t leave Scot Gardner off any list of YA fiction in my opinion.

Anyway the final list has all the usual suspects like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, but there are some unexpected titles on there as well.  Ann of Green Gables?  Call of the Wild?  I guess the voting is open to one and all, but I can’t imagine any of the teenagers I work with voting for this kind of book.  There are lots and lots of recent and old school wonderful books on the list.  Crikey John Green makes the the list 5 times!

If you are new to school libraries these are exactly the sort of lists that make life easier.  Read your way through this list in a year and you’ll have lots of wonderful books to recommend to your students for years to come.  Or check your shelves to make sure you have these books and if you don’t, it makes a great starting point for making buying plans for next year.  Here is the link again.

I found it here.

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