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A little treat for Halloween

Halloween is a recent addition to the New Zealand festival calendar, our house has had only a couple of visits from children on the hunt for sweets tonight.  They left disappointed as we are a little grinchy in the Halloween department here, and besides if there are treats in the house they are not for sharing with anyone but us, and that is that.  Halloween is a chance for all your spooky books to get an outing though!

I do recognise a good costume when I see one and here are some goodly booky ones.  Click through the slide show to see them all.  Love the Book Fairy below!

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Library Girl channels my thoughts – as usual

Regular readers will know that Library Girl is my guru (well one of many but a majorly significant one), and while this blog has been in a little bit of a slump recently due to exotic travel, lethargy and a lot of other things that needed doing, I can rely on her to get me thinking, get me over the hump and talk some sense.

So when she is writing about getting people to just start doing stuff on their own, learning some cool skills and getting generally with the programme she is singing my favorite song.  She is a believer in dropping folks in at the deep end and having them learn to swim on their own using tools that some of us have been using for what seems like ever!

The post is called Six Tips to Help Teachers Move From TechnoPHOBE to TechnoFAB!  But it could be also used to prod along any school staff who are stuck in the  back in the day and who are reluctant to upskill.  She just talks a lot of sense.  I love her idea of an “I Know Stuff” badge, I’m off to make one now!  But that is only one tiny part of this excellent post.  Go on over there and find more wisdom.

There are lots of other awesome postings on that blog at the moment, little embedded bunches of goodness that are well worth having a look at.  Go on, take on her evangelistic stance and get out there and show your stuff, the non-believers will thank you for it in the long run.



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