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The future of libraries is in the hands of librarians

So says R. David Lankes in the opening moments of his presentation School Librarians as Facilitators for Learning embedded below.  We represent the fundamentals of the future of libraries.  Yes!  High Five Folks!  His Atlas of  New Librarianship is a bible, a book to take so much out of.

He says:  The mission of librarians is to improve society through facilitating knowledge creation in their communities.  And he is talking to you school librarians.

I’m quite a lot in love with his messages, pretty much all of them.  Watch this presentation and take on board what he is saying.  He is going to give you lots of examples of how you can think about why you do the things you do.  Not the what you do.  Yes, it takes an hour but yes it is an hour well spent.  Great PD.  Really great PD.

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Dystopia – old and new

Readers advisory in my school this year, and last year too, has been all about finding books which are similar in style, or substance to The Hunger Games.  I’m really feeling like I could move on from reading this type of book myself but my students are clearly not ready for that yet.  So, as I firmly believe it is my job to keep up with what they want and not foist what I think they should want onto them, I am delighted that the Lawrence Public Library  of Kansas in the USA, has done me a terrific favour.  For a moment I thought this was the Lawrence in Central Otago, where I spent many happy teenage summers, sigh!  This link will take you to a fantastic flowchart of Hunger Gamesish delight, and it helpfully includes some fabulous classic books which you may not have thought of sharing with your HG fans.  I’ve only made a screenshot of a tiny part of the flowchart.  You will have to go to their website to see the whole impressive thing.  Enjoy!

Hunger Gamesish

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