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It’s the list-iest time of the year

And I don’t mean who’s been naughty or nice, though anyone who works in a school library surely has a mental list of those…

But I digress. It’s that time of year when various book-related peeps put together lists of the best books of the year that’s nearly over.

Open in my browser tabs lately are these “Best of 2012” beauties. Why don’t you start making your own “to-read” list for the summer now! Or make notes of titles to buy for your school library in 2013.

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Blast from the past – Title Page and Verso

The last installment in a series of “librarian advice” notes from the 1970s.

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Readers advisory, with bonus EBP ideas

The other day I came across this blog written by two Australian librarians, about their QPLA scholarship-funded research into Readers Advisory: “Embedding readers advisory in professional practice as a key collaborative strategy in Queensland public libraries”.

ImageThe blog has loads of links to all sorts of useful RA sites, and also a survey the researchers have opened up for Australian and NZ librarians, particularly public librarians. As I looked through the survey, it seemed to me that along with containing loads of excellent ideas for services and programmes your school library might offer, it also had some good ideas for collecting and sharing various data about the impact of what you do.

Do take a few minutes to help the researchers with their survey, and have a think about the possibilities it suggests. These are a few of the ideas that particularly struck me, I’m sure you’ll find more to get you thinking.

A few ideas for actions/tasks:

  • Living room or genre layout for non-fiction 
  • Readers Advisory posts on social media
  • Recommended Reads or genre booklet 
  • Shelf-talkers (book reviews on display) 
  • Staff picks displays (staff recommendations). 
  • Staff recommended packs (bundle of 2 or more books for fast issue) 

EBP ideas:

  • Anecdotal evidence of community connections with reading
  • Collection issues of specific collections (e.g. Hot Reads, Fastbacks, new books)
  • Collection performance (borrowing rate of each resource)
  • Number of reading related interactions on Facebook or other social media
  • Number of reservations placed
  • Number of reviews added online to the library catalogue

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Another blast from the past – technical terms

Today I bring you another glimpse at school library life circa 1980. Brush up on your “Technical Terms”, people!

Notes for the teacher in charge

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Is there *nothing* those Green brothers can’t do?

Not sure how I didn’t already know about this. If you’re a fan of John Green’s books, the Vlogbrothers, or Nerdfighters, and/or you have anything to do with students of history or biology, please add this to your list of awesome videos to watch:

Crash Course

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Maintaining staff morale

While we were having a tidy-up in my library this week, we found a folder of information prepared in the very early 1980s by the then librarian for the incoming Teacher with Library Responsibility. Inside it were some absolute gems, the first of which I present here today for your edification and amusement:


Lighting the Future (presentations)


In early June, the weekend course “Lighting the future – Libraries, learning, reading:  Access and opportunity for children and young people” was held in the UK, a joint venture put together by the School Library Association, with CILIP’s Youth Library Group and School Library SIGs.

Many of the presentations from the weekend are now available online. Lots of great material there – definitely worth a look.

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