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How to deal with overdue library books…

…the school library version.

Step one:

Remind the student they have an overdue library book.

Step two:

Invite them to get more library books out.

Overdue books.JPG

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I see books… everywhere

You know you’re a librarian when you see book covers everywhere. Case in point:

Exhibit A: Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Buttercream Cake with Ganache Drizzlechocrasp

Exhibit B: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (on


And now I want them both #LibrarianProblems

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Dame Judy Dench on the Power of Language

What’s not to love about this incredible woman?

Judy Dench

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What perserverence and determination look like

If you ever wanted a clip to show  your students what determination to win and achieve looks like, then this might be the one to show them.  I am going to put this on my school blog because I know my boys will relate to it, but it would be great to show any kid I think.  This guy is just so cool, and I particularly love the reaction of his fellow riders at the end!

It is from @timoslomo on Twitter

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Lego Librarians

Image: Lego bios

I’ve been quietly seething for the last few days and as my opinion hasn’t diminished I’m hoping a wee rant and public posting will allow me to move on.

Have you seen the new Lego Librarian in Lego’s mini-figures Bio series?

I guess we need to celebrate that Lego has acknowledged our profession and immortalised it in Lego. That is pretty cool. And honestly, I don’t mind the cardigan, I mean, well, aren’t they kinda chic this season?

No, it’s the mug that I take exception to. The mug with its “Shhh!” message! What is with that antiquated librarian image? Surely, the Shushing Lego Librarian isn’t a stereotype that we are happy to identify with?

Mr Library Dude

Thank goodness for Mr Library Dude’s humour.  Joe Hardenbrook (aka Mr Library Dude) wrote a thoughtful piece on Image, Public Perception, and Lego Librarians and went on to digitally redesign twenty-eight Lego Librarians – a brilliant assortment of librarian personalities, examples of how the public may perceive us, including satirical captions.

Regardless, the “shushing” mug has got to go. How about a “search engine” or “knowledge creator” coffee mug instead? Would these slogans be as immediately identifiable as a librarian? Sadly, I think not. Enhancing our professional image is certainly worth fighting for.

Any other suggestions for librarian coffee mug slogans?


Get it while it’s hot, people!


I came across this on Twitter today, via author Jonathan Maberry (Rot & Ruin is the book I’m currently foisting upon any students who come in asking for World War Z ahead of the movie – it is SO GOOD!)

As is the way with these Twitter memes, they don’t hang around long so if you want to be part of the fun, be in now!

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Teen speak – or you know you work with teenagers when ….

Let me count the ways – with a little bit of help from a blog post over on TLT: Teen Librarians Toolbox.  Have a look at their post

English: SPOG students

English: SPOG students (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and then if you are a secondary school librarian you might want to add a few of your own.  Here are some from me.

  1. You greet student librarians with Yo G!  Or it’s alternative What up G!  Instead of Hello there sweetie!
  2. You know major players in various bizzarre sporting codes despite having little to no interest in anything remotely related to sport.
  3. You are as obsessed with 4 Pics 1 word as your students and you are constantly being asked for help, “cos Miss you know everything right?”
  4. Given that the library is gossip central you know the details of far too many teenage relationship breakdowns/startups/on holds, and constantly surprise the students by saying “oh yes I know her Mother!”
  5. You have become incredibly sick of telling the students to “Go ask your Mum if you can borrow her copy of 50 Shades of Grey, because no, we will not be having it in here!”
  6. You have to guard your Mockingjay pin because even though other staff have no idea what it is, you know that if you take your cardigan off with the pin still on it, you may not ever see it again.  In general you are prepared to have your fashion sense critiqued every day by the fashionista crew who are always hanging in the library – at least that is how it seems at our school.
  7. You are well aware that even though the adults may have moved on from vampire romance that is isn’t dead in the hearts of some of your most loyal clients.
  8. You know exactly how cool you are if you show year 13 students a clip that they haven’t seen yet, but which is ridiculously funny.
  9. You keep having to tell the students that “versing someone is quoting them poetry, not going against them in a match!”  This is a pet bugbear at the moment.
  10. Your students stop you in the street and say “hey Miss remember that time when …..”  and you laugh and laugh.
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This is *so* me – is it you, too?

You may already be a fan of the blog/Facebook page “Librarian Problems”, the brainchild of library director William Ottens. Hilarious. Case in point: I see teens making out in the stacks.

Like it? Well if you’re a school librarian like me, then you might love this one just as much:

Hey, Book Teacher!

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A little treat for Halloween

Halloween is a recent addition to the New Zealand festival calendar, our house has had only a couple of visits from children on the hunt for sweets tonight.  They left disappointed as we are a little grinchy in the Halloween department here, and besides if there are treats in the house they are not for sharing with anyone but us, and that is that.  Halloween is a chance for all your spooky books to get an outing though!

I do recognise a good costume when I see one and here are some goodly booky ones.  Click through the slide show to see them all.  Love the Book Fairy below!

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The most enthusiastic teacher you ever saw

Just imagine being in a class with this guy!   I dare you to role model him in your library tomorrow!

(via School Library Journal A Fuse #8 Production)

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