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Shorten your links so that they work

Today I posted on the listserv after a flurry of emails where people posted links which didn’t work, and then were reposted and the next lot didn’t work either.  The problem was that the link was too long to remain unbroken when the line changed.  If your link is longer than a line in your email it may not work when people try to click on it, links don’t like to travel around corners.

There is a simple answer.

Try – or any of 1000 other url shorteners  but works well so we will use it.

 Here’s how

Open up a new tab in your browser.

Go to  (save it in your toolbar)

Copy the url which is too long into the shorten links here box in

Click the shorten here button

Click copy

Paste the now very short link into your email.  It will look something like:

Which started life as:

If someone sends you a link which goes over multiple lines you can just copy it into and it will shorten it and automagically make it work.

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