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Buffy Hamilton on Librarians working with teaching staff

The post on the Unquiet Librarian Buffy Hamilton’s blog is called The Librarian as a Catalyst and Learning Specialist in K-12

English teacher Lisa Kennedy and librarian Buffy Hamilton discuss partnerships for learning between the librarian and classroom teacher; they also share how this partnership between librarian and teacher influences Lisa’s evolution as a teacher and her instructional design and in turn, Buffy’s practice as a librarian.

Looking for opportunities to sell your skills to teaching staff, to get them working with you collaboratively can be really challenging.  Sometimes they just don’t see what you can do to help them.  It is comforting to know that even Librarians such as Buffy Hamilton have grown to see their role working with teachers as being intrinsic to their school libraries from not really seeing that as part of their jobs.  Working with teachers is great on so many levels, not the least of these is that teachers see the librarian as a fellow professional with knowledge and skills which can be used in classroom as well as the library.  It is great when you get teaching staff to understand the full range of things the librarian can be useful for, all those honed skills which we use daily for search, management of information and research can be shared with teaching staff and then flow on to students which leads to better skills overall.

I know it’s really hard to get these collaborations started.  Anybody got some great ideas to share about starting points for collaboration.  Examples where it’s gone really well that others might be able to use?

You will see more videos on this theme in the related videos at the end.

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