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Shake up your story

Funny and serious.  Just like this blog!

I love what this guy has to say about empathy, perspectives and our power to change stories so that children are exposed to lives other than just the one they have.

Artist Raghava KK demos his new children’s book for iPad with a fun feature: when you shake it, the story — and your perspective — changes. In this charming short talk, he invites all of us to shake up our perspective a little bit.

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Drawing lessons by illustrators

Do your students love to draw …. of course they do.  I’m going to show this to my secondary school students but I know for sure that my primary school age nephew and his mates would love these too.

Courtesy of the fabulous Guardian Books site where I am hanging out a lot recently this is a series of ‘how to draw’ instructions.  Bunnies, Monsters, Penguins and Yeti are there so far but more are coming.  My fave is the bunnies.

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