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Card Catalogue Coolness

This is cool.  This video was made to draw attention to the enormous card catalogue at Stirling Memorial Library.  It came to me from Bookable. Just imagine how long this took to make!  Have you still got a card catalogue in your library, they have become collectable these days which is cool, making me wish I had kept a rather lovely one I once had in a former life.  Have you got one?  What do you do with it these days?  Gold star to the most creative idea!


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What to do with weeded books

You could try this with your weedings for the year!  I’m feeling inspired to issue a challenge and wondering what the boys would do.  I think it is awesome.  It is from Cathy Jo Nelson whose blog is always full of good ideas.  I found it as I was reading about censorship here.  Another great post.  I’m just heartily recommending Cathy Jo.

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Keep Calm and Carry On – the real story

It is everywhere!  Now learn the story behind the posters.  And of course it is connected with books!

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Here is the story behind the now ubiquitous posters.  Great story!

It came to me via Neatorama

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The Page Turner

There are a heap of library/book related videos doing the rounds at the moment, this is a real cutie.

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The Joy of Books

This lovely video has gone viral and therefore I think it only appropriate that it goes on here.  I’ve shown so many people now and I’m still seeing new things every time I view it.  Enjoy!

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