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Raising Maori Achievement

The elusive BOK11 Indigenous Knowledge Paradigms, so difficult to get meaningful PD for a price your average school librarian can afford and yet to vital to your registration.  Thank goodness for online PD I say!  This might just be something you can use.  Yet another gift from Core.  This is one to share with your SMT, with your Maori Dean, with all your staff.   In this video, two key elements for raising Māori achievement: forming relationships with students and whanau; and being culturally located are discussed.

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Online Maori Dictionary

In the ‘why don’t I know about this’ department is the fabulous Maori Online Dictionary.  I’m sure this isn’t new to lots of people in New Zealand but I hadn’t seen it until tonight.  While it is targeted at Maori Language students I’m planning on using it to translate some signs I want to make and will be giving it a big plug during Maori Language Week.

Māori Dictionary Project

The overall aim of this website is to support learners of Māori. New entries and additional meanings continue to be added. In 2007 photographs of species and people began to be added. Unless otherwise listed below, these are the copyright of the author. The following people and institutions are acknowledged for their photographs:
Ben Barr – geckos, skink, pūriri moth, Hochstetter frog.
Bub Smith – whio

In 2009 the sounds of all the native birds were added to the dictionary. We gratefully acknowledge the McPherson Natural History Unit and Viking Sevenseas Ltd for permission to use these.

This dictionary complements the series of four textbooks and related resources in the Te Whanake series for learning the Māori language. For further information about the Māori language resources please visit the Te Whanake resources website.