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Who’s who in the Australian field?

Flickr image by A Surroca

A who’s who in the Australian field of school librarianship has been posted on the Library Currants blog, and yes, they do have teacher librarians in Australia.

We are now well aware of Judy O’Connell – one of the stars of the SLANZA Conference this year, and Scoop-it/Facebook/and anything you name spreader of information including her blog Hey Jude – the woman never sleeps!  But there are lots of others who have wonderful blogs and ways of sharing information whether via Scoop-it or on their blogs.

If you are interested in learning more about Australian luminaries and what they do and where they do it head over to Library Currants and check some of them out.

Some of the names there may be very familiar to you.  Judith Way who used to do Bright Ideas but who is now doing all manner of other cool stuff including the blog The Way Forward,   I’m sure other names on the post will be familiar if you are a Twitterer or follower of the blogisphere.

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