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Check out the best New Zealand Poems website

This website is new to me, they haven’t updated it since 2005 which is a shame but what is there is excellent.   I’m often looking for a specific poem that has been requested by a teacher or a student (which is how I found it) and if it is an NZ one I am going to head to this website first to have a look for it from now on.  Lots of our well known poets are represented here – well up to 2005, and best of all you can listen to the poem.  What a great teaching tool.  I know our staff are going to find this site useful and I will be sharing it with some of them tomorrow.

I just listened to the lovely (and known to make grown women go weak at the knees) Glen Colquhoun reading To a woman who fainted recently at a poetry reading and got all melty inside.

Anyone with any contacts at Victoria in the International Institute of Modern Letters who would like to encourage them to update and carry on with it?


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