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Library Girl channels my thoughts – as usual

Regular readers will know that Library Girl is my guru (well one of many but a majorly significant one), and while this blog has been in a little bit of a slump recently due to exotic travel, lethargy and a lot of other things that needed doing, I can rely on her to get me thinking, get me over the hump and talk some sense.

So when she is writing about getting people to just start doing stuff on their own, learning some cool skills and getting generally with the programme she is singing my favorite song.  She is a believer in dropping folks in at the deep end and having them learn to swim on their own using tools that some of us have been using for what seems like ever!

The post is called Six Tips to Help Teachers Move From TechnoPHOBE to TechnoFAB!  But it could be also used to prod along any school staff who are stuck in the  back in the day and who are reluctant to upskill.  She just talks a lot of sense.  I love her idea of an “I Know Stuff” badge, I’m off to make one now!  But that is only one tiny part of this excellent post.  Go on over there and find more wisdom.

There are lots of other awesome postings on that blog at the moment, little embedded bunches of goodness that are well worth having a look at.  Go on, take on her evangelistic stance and get out there and show your stuff, the non-believers will thank you for it in the long run.



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Dewey 398.2

Oh yes, myths and legends!

I love this Thinglink from Librarians On The Fly.  My new fave blog.

There was a question recently on the listserv about how to choose books for senior students, there was a deluge of responses with suggestions of ways and means.  This image has some answers to that question.  Also, in the ‘This irritates me constantly department’ I always resent it when people assume that I have time to read during paid work hours.  Seriously?  Haven’t you looked into my workroom, that mass of paper, books half processed, projects half completed, displays half put up, planners all over the show, timetables being adjusted.  Oh and look I’m not in my workroom, I spend at least half of every day out working with teachers and students in their classes.  Oh how I’d love the time to sit in a cosy chair and read at school – oh wait that is what I set it up for the students to do!  Lucky sods.

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Raising Maori Achievement

The elusive BOK11 Indigenous Knowledge Paradigms, so difficult to get meaningful PD for a price your average school librarian can afford and yet to vital to your registration.  Thank goodness for online PD I say!  This might just be something you can use.  Yet another gift from Core.  This is one to share with your SMT, with your Maori Dean, with all your staff.   In this video, two key elements for raising Māori achievement: forming relationships with students and whanau; and being culturally located are discussed.

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Stephen Abram – Sharing the foundation of social institutions

I’ve never heard Stephen Abram in the flesh giving a keynote, Stephen’s Lighthouse is one of my favourite blogs, for wise, insightful and sometimes pointy commentary on matters library.  The next best thing to bring at a conference where he is presenting is to watch him give a keynote on a video.  Here is your chance.  You’ll need 44 minutes of uninterrupted peace to enjoy, but worth every minute.


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Learning@School and Ed Talks – a conference in your lounge

Here is your chance to attend Learning@School and other conferences too from your sofa, listen to the keynotes and seminars of some of New Zealand’s formost movers and shakers in Education.  The Ed Talks Channel also includes  presentations from Ulearn, Educators Leaders Forum, Nuthall Symposium and Nethui, seriously there is enough here to keep you professionally stimulated and developed for a goodly long time.

If you are looking for things to fill in on your Professional Registration BOKs and especially the hard to find good things for BOK 11 then you will find plenty of good stuff here. 



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Inspiration for those who want to blog

In the world there are some people, people who just give common sense, accessible, inspirational and at the same time do-able advice.  Gwyneth Jones is one of those people.  The Daring Librarian is someone who can get me totally fired up and make me go hah! Yes!  I can do that!

Blogging is one of those things that you really just have to make yourself do.  You can’t take an extended break because if you get out of the habit you will get all angsty about doing it.  Slow and steady wins the blogging race in my humble opinion.

Lots of school librarians go to PD which is about blogging, for goodness sake I have delivered some of that PD, lots of people start, few carry on.  It always seems like such a great way to connect with your users, to get your students keen to contribute, to make your staff engage with the library in an online way, to upskill yourself, to get yourself a little patch of the online world you can call your own.  But it is hard to find the time, get inspired, write that book review, decide that what you have to say is important, to realise that if you thought something was cool and worth talking about there is surely someone else out there who also thinks that.  The trick is to just write it down on your blog or share the link.  We are very happy in our school library community in NZ sharing things we find on our listserv, but blogging takes a bit more bravery and gumption.  And it is true that people judge you, I am guilty of it myself, just ignore the critics and get on with it.

So, to the rescue comes Gwyneth Jones with her recent post called Just Blog It! Blogging Tips & Ideas.  Sensible advice, ways to do things, and in a non-preachy, non toney, in a good old just get on with it post.



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