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Raising Maori Achievement

The elusive BOK11 Indigenous Knowledge Paradigms, so difficult to get meaningful PD for a price your average school librarian can afford and yet to vital to your registration.  Thank goodness for online PD I say!  This might just be something you can use.  Yet another gift from Core.  This is one to share with your SMT, with your Maori Dean, with all your staff.   In this video, two key elements for raising Māori achievement: forming relationships with students and whanau; and being culturally located are discussed.

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Learning@School and Ed Talks – a conference in your lounge

Here is your chance to attend Learning@School and other conferences too from your sofa, listen to the keynotes and seminars of some of New Zealand’s formost movers and shakers in Education.  The Ed Talks Channel also includes  presentations from Ulearn, Educators Leaders Forum, Nuthall Symposium and Nethui, seriously there is enough here to keep you professionally stimulated and developed for a goodly long time.

If you are looking for things to fill in on your Professional Registration BOKs and especially the hard to find good things for BOK 11 then you will find plenty of good stuff here. 



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Revalidation? Notes from a survivor!

Revalidation looms for many of us (insert scary music here).  (Have you noticed that the word Loom with only one letter change could be Doom!)

I want to read helpful postings in the bloggisphere with handy hints to make the whole blimmin thing less scary.  Luckily for us, over on Marketing Matters for Librarians, Allison Wallbutton has written Survivor: Revalidation Island.  If you are due to revalidate, or have done so and found the process like entering a form of hell, then go and feel a bit better about it!

If you do not already subscribe to Finding Heroes by Sally Pewhairangi then I strongly suggest you do.  She divides the links she shared into their BOK and is a great source of professional reading, interesting links and things school librarian heroes need to know.  Subscribe to her daily email service or twitter feed – or both.  That is where this link came to me from.

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