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I’ve been reading this post on Mindshift.  It is an interview with Daniel Russell, a “search anthropologist” who is detailed to look after your search quality and best of all he is a User Happiness expert.  It lead me to search for him and I found lots of stuff but loved the presentation below best.  You can watch him give a presentation if you want to and find it here.  It is a keynote which is funny, clever and engaging and his comments on Information Overload, Infowhelm anyone?   Find out what the future of Google is, and when listening know that Google+ was minutes away when the talk was given.  His stats might frighten you a little bit.  Really, they can index a tweet in Google in 4 seconds?

Google have plenty of resources to help the search challenged.  Have a look at the links below.

Posters you can print out with search help, strategies and more.  I have these on the walls above the bank of computers in my library for the students to ignore!

Basic Search Help

Learn some of the features other than search

The Google Guide – a pdf that takes a bit to load because it is big (148 pages)

Google for Educators – all kinds of Google Goodness within here including the following …

Take a look at Start Your Engines the first part of a tutorial in google features.  Maybe be useful for teaching students and teachers as well.

You should probably remember that Google is busy having a revamp, lots of it’s bits and pieces have recently been modified, deleted and phased out.  Google Labs is on the way out, Timeline and Wonderwheel are gone and plenty more are heading out the door.

More from the Australian Listserv today – Google Search Evangalism

And I know that you all know that Google owns YouTube and here is the Google Channel on YouTube.


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