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The Opportunities in Abundance – watch if you are interested in e-books

Books in Browsers conference have posted a bunch of the presentations on YouTube.  Find them on the O’Reilly Media YouTube channel here.  The speaker is Brian O’Leary (Magellan Media Partners) this was the finale of the conference.

This is very interesting for me, currently doing some mulling and decision making procrastination about what I’m going to do in my library about e-readers, provide the books (bring your own technology model) or provide technology and and the books. And if I decide to provide the hardware which one would I choose.  As the owner of three e-reading devices myself I’m still undecided which will work better for our students.

Anyway if you are interested in the business of e-books, e-publishing and the issues with royalties and how ultimately we might end up with a best of all worlds situation in our libraries, it might be worth your while watching this video.  A view from outside the library sector.

This came to me via the Book Council FB page

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Stimulating interest in reading via video

Via Simon Evans on the ICTs in English  listserv

This is a great new initiative by Simon Evans and some of his friends from various locations around the world.  It is the sort of thing that you could do as a promotion for library week.  You have to make a commitment to reading a book a week and videoing yourself talking about the book and post to the Bookfighters channel on YouTube.  Simon then created his own channel which is here.  How cool is that?

I’m thinking this has possibilities for school libraries.  Have a look at the Channel and watch the videos, the introductory one is embedded below.

Want to follow Simon on Twitter?  He is @Dragon09

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